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This is a catalogue from the red bubble shop, where I have a selection of custom designs only seen in shops and cannot be bought anywhere else. These are mental health based to raise awareness, but can also be design based. If you have any designs that you would like to be commissioned please email me.

To visit the website please click the images below for individual designs or the title above for the whole collection.

mental health design on tshirt eye geometric and belts

holding it together

a design based around the stress and strain of holding it together.

Available on 50 products


Shut in lockdown

showing the effects of lockdown on mental health, the pressure and restriction bringing awareness to the issue. Available on 39 products.

Geometric wizard tshirt design

geometric wizard

A mental health illustration based around childhood trauma, created to be a friend and companion during episodes of ptsd. Available on 73 products.

work-103573073-sleeveless-top (1).jpg


a canvas illustrative piece created over a depressive episode showing the monstrous twisted side to what the ailment makes you feel like. Available on 37 products


Toxic Feedback

trauma based illustration, showcasing the deterioration of a person experiencing the feedback loop of ptsd. Available on 50 products.


Smiling bagman #1

showcasing mania the often misunderstood element of mental health as a frenzy of wild energy. Available on  71 products

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