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medication canvases

Through experimentations made during my BA in fine art, I found that by adding acidic based substances and warm water to gelatine capsules it broke down the structure of the capsules into a paste, or a combination of a sculptural material and painting medium. This material then could be used to sculpt, dye and paint surfaces that I found perfectly illustrates the struggles of medication, there addictive qualities and the use of over prescription as a cure all for those who are struggling in various medical  issues.

below is a selection of canvas based outcomes from these experimentations 

Religion medication and illustration

polymorph canvas and the red pill

polymorph canvas and the blue pill

one pilled prescription 

overdose on the process

(2018), red capsules, yellow ink, canvas, biro, pages from the bible and translated koran. 

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(2021) Red pills, polymorph, water and canvas frame

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(2021) Blue capsules, red capsule residue, canvas frame, polymorph and water

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(2021) Black pills, white pills, black ink, liquid latex, A6 paper, polymorph and canvas.

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(2021) chalk, paper, ink, multicoloured pills, latex, A5 paper, biro, Acrylic paint

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